Orillia Drone Photography

Having lived 20 minutes away from Orillia since the age of 11, I can confidently say it's a city I love visiting often. Orillia has a historic spirit such as the Mariposa Market (we've been attending their annual Christmas party for the past 13 years!) but also is innovating forward as we've seen at Tudhope park.

With plans of the GO transit to travel north to Orillia, it has made many residents and investors consider real estate in Orillia. For the past few years, home builders have sprouted massive developments on the outskirts of Orillia.

The market is prime for competition to exist in Orillia and only those who stand out above the rest will reap the rewards. For less than $400 you can have a full comprehensive package that will help spread views across video, social media, instagram as well as traditional print materials with exceptionally professional magazine quality images.


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