Photo & Video Packages

Residential Photo & Video Packages

We offer a wide range of services for your residential photo and video needs. From ground and drone photography to interior video tours we have the equipment and the experience to create and deliver stunning cinematic residential video presentations. We'll even incorporate your very own branding at the beginning and the end of the video.

  • Interior Real Estate Photography
    Bronze Package $85

    Includes high resolution images taken inside and outside your home from the ground. Images will be touched up and color-corrected.

  • Interior Real Estate Photography
    Bronze "Air" Package $125

    Includes high resolution drone images of the property and any surrounding features. Images will be touched up and color-corrected.

  • Interior Real Estate Photography and Drone photography
    Silver Package $210

    Includes everything you see in the Bronze package (int/ext ground photography) as well as aerial "drone" images of the property and neighboring areas. Again, all images will be touched up and color-corrected to magazine quality!

  • Real Estate Drone and Photography
    Gold Package $260

    Includes everything from the Silver package above (int/ext ground photos, drone photos) as well as an aerial video of the property. We will shoot various scenes of the front yard, backyard and the neighborhood and put together a video with background music and branded "intro/outro" scenes.

  • Real Estate Drone, Photography & Video Tour

    The very best bang for the buck! Includes all our services from interior/exterior ground photography as well as aerial "drone" photos and videos and finally an interior cinematic video tour. This package will help maximize the use of your social media channels and any print-based marketing materials.

  • Real Estate Interior Video Tour
    Platinum Package $260

    During winter or when a property is heavily tree-covered, aerial photos and videos might not look all great. Our Platinum package includes interior and exterior "ground" photography as well as a cinematic video tour of the inside of the property. The video will have background music as well as your branding if desired. Our Platinum package is very popular for condo listings.

Additional Services

Barrie Residential Photographer
Video Enhancements

Include a voice overlay or a personalized video overlay throughout your video or as an introductory video of you and your brokerage. Text overlays indicating room sizes, lot dimensions and special finishes can also be included.

YouTube Channel Account Optimization

YouTube is the second largest search engine! Attract more of an audiance through your YouTube channel that will have your logo, updated channel art and call to actions and create a video channel trailer when users arrive to your YouTube page.

Social Media

We will always deliver our work in the highest possible resolution. Usually this is 12 Megapixels resolution for images and 1080p for video. However, we can always republish or re-edit your images to fit a "lighter" or different format for social media.

FREE YouTube Video Hosting

Don't have a YouTube channel? No problem! We offer FREE hosting for all your videos. YouTube is the easiest way to share and promote your videos whether through print marketing materials or social media.

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