Photo & Video Packages

Residential Photo & Video Packages

We offer a wide range of services and packages for your residential photo and video needs. Please have a look at the table below. The prices in the "PRICE" column refers to the price of the individual service (For example if you only needed "interior photography" - or "drone video - ). The "PACKAGE COST" prices along the bottom refers to the price for the bronze, silver, gold or diamond package. Each column indicates the service included in the package.

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Service Price Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Interior Photography
Drone Photography
Interior Video
Drone Video
Package Cost
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Additional Services

Barrie Residential Photographer
Video Enhancements

Include a voice overlay or a personalized video overlay throughout your video or as an introductory video of you and your brokerage. Text overlays indicating room sizes, lot dimensions and special finishes can also be included.

YouTube Channel Account Optimization

YouTube is the second largest search engine! Attract more of an audience through your YouTube channel that will have your logo, updated channel art and call to actions and create a video channel trailer when users arrive to your YouTube page.

Social Media

We will always deliver our work in the highest possible resolution. Usually this is 12 Megapixels resolution for images and 1080p for video. However, we can always republish or re-edit your images to fit a "lighter" or different format for social media.

FREE YouTube Video Hosting

Don't have a YouTube channel? No problem! We offer FREE hosting for all your videos. YouTube is the easiest way to share and promote your videos whether through print marketing materials or social media.

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