Add A Floor Plan To Any Booking!

Adding a floor plan to your listing can increase engagement by 52%. Floor plans give potential buyers an at-a-glance layout of every room within the home. Whereas photos show what a space looks like, a floor plan allows clients to grasp the relationship between rooms, quickly compare sizes and show a perspective in relation to stairs and hallways.

2D Floor Plans

Our 2 dimensional floor plans come as a picture or PDF that can be easily added to any MLS listing or as an additional photo within the gallery.

3D Floor Plans

While a 2 dimensional floor plan is a perfect way to showcase spaces relative to eachother, a 3 dimensional plan showcases how furniture could fit the space as well as further enhances the depth and perspective of any room. This allows potential buyers to better understand the flow of the listing - how easily one can move from one area to another.

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Floor Plans F.A.Q.

Our 2D plans are delivered within 24 hours and our 3D plans within 48 hours.

Although our room measurements are very accurate (down to the inch!) we don't account for wall thickness or any other compartment hidden behind the wall. We always tell our clients the dimensions are 95% accurate.

We provide floor plans in wide range of formats such as JPG and PNG as well as PDF. These formats are ready to use on your MLS listing, social media as well as print-ready for any printed materials like brochures and sales sheets.

There is often the case where we missed a closet or an ensuite. Rest assured that if there is an error in your floor plan we will edit and revise.

All 3D floor plans offer a 3D model of your property with artificially generated furnishings and details. Furniture, materials, colors and textured are generated in a way that properly and accurately depitcs the size of a bed, dresser, coffee table within the space.

To keep the visual appeal of the 3D floor plan, we omit any measurements and keep it strictly visual. That being said, all our 3D floor plans come with a 2D floor plan that can be added to your listing!

We strive to be very competitive in terms of pricing but we also value quality and service. As our business grows, we are able to find efficiencies and improve on our process. However, as with any business, we adjust our prices based on the cost of living as well as improvements on our services so our prices are subject to changes. Keep in mind you will be notified well in advance to help you anticipate the change in costs.